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understand guide to toy

What’s SafeToy?

Safetoy is a completely free resource to help makers to self certify their creations – none of our content is hidden behind subscriptions or paywalls.


The content is created and developed by artisan makers just like yourself who have been through the journey and wish to contribute back to the community.

Steps to creating a SafeToy

1. Product classification

Determine whether the product falls within the Toy Safety Directive and/or other CE Guidelines.

Check out our Classification page!

2. Risk assessment

An analysis to determine the risks and essential requirements applicable to the toys concerned.

Let’s talk risk assessments!

3. EN71 Testing Process

Carry out product tests in accordance with  harmonisation standards including EN 71-1, EN 71-2 & EN 71-3 as well as monitoring safety warnings and safety symbols.

Check out our How-to page!

4. Technical Documentation

Compile or verify the Technical Documentation containing descriptions, instruction manuals and the performed risk assessments.

Lets complete your technical file!

5. EU Declaration of Conformity

Verify certificates and draw up the EU Declaration of Conformity affirming compliance of the toy with the CE product requirements.

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6. UKCA/CE marking

Provide instructions for correctly affixing the UKCA/CE marking.

Learn the do’s & don’ts to UKCA/CE marking.